Several Colors to Choose From

Race Car Red

Hazard County Orange

Taxi Yellow

Gremlin Green

Lil' Mule Blue

Pink Caddy

Pimp Purple


Time Machine Titanium

Jet Black
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Charging Your Spotlight™

The spotlight has a robust Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-mh) battery that in addition to being environmentally friendly & recyclable, can handle partial charges without hurting it's life or burn time. Also, the spotlight recharges using a slow trickle charge; this design allows the spotlight to be left in (and recharging) in your car for many days, weeks or even months without damage to the light, your car or battery.

The spotlight has a red charging indicator light, which shows that the spotlight is taking a charge, however the light will not go off once the spotlight is fully charged. Our new flashlight, the rescue, which is the bigger and brighter version of the spotlight, also has a red light charge indicator, but the light will change from red to green once the rescue is fully charged.

The Spotlight™ and Rescue can be used daily, or left un-touched, but will always be ready and fully charged when you need it.

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Laser Engraving

Spotlight™ In The Wild